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Our Story

We are passionate about improving people's lives and health, naturally.


Currently less than 10% of the population consume the recommended daily intake of two fruit and five vegetable servings. Everyone is frequently on-the-go and that has led to high consumption of processed foods. Lifestyle demands have increased stress levels. Environmental changes mean our produce is not as fresh or as nutrient-rich as it use to be, and we are missing out on vital nutrients our body needs to stay balanced.

We want to change that by tapping into nature's super-ingredients!

For time-poor women who needs more energy and healthy produce in their diet. We produce nutrient-rich superfoods that you can easily add to improve any dish, smoothie, baked goods or your skin. Since when did nature's nutrition taste and look so good! We ship the fruitful superfoods to your door and provide an online community with delicious, fun recipes, lifestyle tips and positive mindset to supercharge your body and balance your day.

Our purpose is to

 EDUCATE about nature's nutrients 

 EMPOWER with mindset 

 ENERGISE with superfoods 

Founder Shelley Tilbrook

Fruitful Superfoods sources the finest quality, 100% natural, certified organic superfoods to enrich your diet and lifestyle. Our products include dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, 100% natural, certified organic superfoods including Blue Spirulina Powder, Pink Dragon Fruit Powder, Butterfly Pea Powder and Matcha Green Tea Powder.


Plus we have a new range of nature-inspired skincare including facial masks with Charcoal, Hemp, Turmeric as the hero ingredients to naturally treat skin conditions and give you back your glow.


Fruitful Superfoods trades under Australian company, Fruitful Group, that has been operating since 2009. Fruitful Superfoods was born in 2020 to improve people's health, quality of life and enjoyment of eating natural, non-processed foods and restoring your body and health naturally. 

Founder, Shelley Tilbrook was inspired to create this brand to make healthy eating and natural remedies more accessible and mainstream. Having used superfoods and natural products to improve her own health, she has seen the power of nutrition and nature first-hand.


Restore balance to your daily life with nature.

Our Values to Support Women

Painted Leaves 2

Beautifully Balanced Beings

Fruitful Superfoods empowers women to balance their lifestyle,

balance their hormones,

and boost their happiness,

without sacrificing the simple joys of life.

Natural Beauty

Naturally Nourishing Nutrients

Fruitful Superfoods awakens the healing and restorative properties of mother nature with

pure potent superfoods

to harvest your inner goodness,

optimise your health and

help you be your best you,inside and out.

Sustainably Sourced Superfoods

Fruitful Superfoods sources

products, packaging and people

with the pure intention of sustainability.

We seek responsibly harvested ingredients, eco-friendly packaging and look after our people with respect, compassion and integrity.

Beautiful Nature
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Articles to Educate, Empower + Energise You

Quality Time Outdoors
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