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My Story

My Health Journey

This is a great place to add a tagline.

There have been two significant moments in my life where I have turned to natural healing over traditional medicine.

For me, the results spoke for themselves and ever since I have been seeking out natural remedies to improve my health and wellbeing.

I founded fruitful superfoods with a goal to help others improve their health and tackle the larger problem of 90% not consuming enough fruit and vegetables in their diet.

I was a very active and sporty teenager, competing in swimming, athletics and rowing during school. In year 11 I contracted a bad case of Glandular Fever and a relapse in year 12 dragged out for over six months to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Being a virus, there was not too much doctors could do other than prescribe rest and vitamin B and C injections. Some days I was too weak to get out of bed and I was missing a lot of my final year of school. It was at this point I went to a naturopath. Within three weeks of taking their natural remedies, my energy started to return.

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