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Make blending a breeze

Now you can recharge your day, where ever you are, with the Juicey Portable Blender from Fruitful Superfoods.

The newest product to hit our shores, this stunning slimline design is easily mistaken for a keep cup. But this is, in fact a portable blender, that will turn your fruit into a juice with a double click and a shake!

The high-powered blender has 6 dimensional leaf-shaped blades under the lid, so you simply fill with chopped fruit, add your liquid, tighten the lid then rotate upside-down and double click the power button. For best results gently shake the cup back and forth for approximately 20 seconds. The blender will stop when ready or you can switch it off with a single click.

You can use and charge on-the-go.

Product features include:

- 6 leaf stainless steel blade

- Rechargeable by USB

- 300 ml cup capacity

- 4000MAH long life battery

- Full charge will blend 50 cups

- Non-leak lid

- Easy self clean with water

- Blended juice in under 30 seconds

- Safety - blade only powers up if the lid is connected to the cup

Available in two great colours - pink (peach) and navy. Retails for $74.95 with free shipping in Australia and $10 international shipping. Coming soon to the online shop.

Need a recipe idea? Try this fruit drink combo:

- Coconut water

- Fresh raspberries

- Sliced banana

- Chopped kiwi fruit

- teaspoon of Pink Dragon fruit powder

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