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New styles to blend and power your protein shakes anywhere

Stylish re-chargeable blenders - more choices for busy people.

We've been having a lot of protein shakes and nutrient infused water lately.

When you don't want to compromise your lifestyle of style, you don't have to.

New product to arrive at fruitful superfoods shop - this mini portable blender has style, convenience and functionality.

Available now in the fruitful superfoods shop.

  • Available in green, red, pink

  • Recharges with a USB

  • Stainless steel blade

  • 2-blade blender

  • 300ml capacity

Other items you might like

Packs a powerful punch to blend your smoothie. Also great for purees and preparing baby food that you can store in the fridge.

  • 6-blade blender

  • Re-chargeable via USB

  • 3 colour available - white, pink, blue

  • 500ml capacity

  • Bottle detaches from base

Original Smoothie Cup

  • Available in two colours - peach and navy

  • 6-blade blender

  • Re-chargeable via USB

  • 300ml capacity

  • Drinking cup when remove lid

Which one is your favourite?


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