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Matcha Green Tea Powder is derived from the same plant as green tea but because it's made from the entire leaf, it packs in a more concentrated amount of antioxidants and beneficial plant compound.



Studies have revelaed a variety of health benefits ranging from enhanced weight loss to decresed risk of heart disease and improved brain function.

  • Boost brain function - concentration, memory, reaction-time
  • High in antioxidents - reduce cell damage and lower risk of chronic disease
  • Liver health - helps eliminate toxins
  • Assist weight-loss - improve metabolism

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The Matcha Green Tea Powder can be incorporated effortlessly into your diet with most common uses including matcha lattes, matcha smoothies and matcha baked goods.



The Matcha Green Tea Powder comes in 70g (35 serves) and 150g (75 serves) in an airtight zip lock bag.

It has a shelf life of 2 years from the production date.



100% pure Matcha Green Tea powder.

Matcha Green Tea Powder

  • Matcha is a marvel for your health. Here's why.

    High in Antioxidants

    • Rich in catechins that act as natural antioxidant than helps to reduce cell damage and lower risk of chronic disease.
    • Matcha has 137 times more catechins that green tea.

    Boost Brain Function

    • May enhance brain function through improved reaction time, increased attention span and memory.
    • May improve brain function in elderly.
    • Contains L-theanine which alters the effects of caffine, promoting alterness while avoiding he crash in energy levels that can follow caffine consumption.

    Liver Health

    • Known to reduce liver enzyme levels (high levels are seen in liver disease).
    • May reduce risk of liver disease.
    • Live function is key to eliminating toxins from the body.

    Weight Loss

    • Green tea is well known for its ability to enhance weight loss.
    • Studies show taking green tea extract during exercise increased fat burning.

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