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  • Where is Fruitful Superfoods based?
    We are based in Mount Eliza, in Victoria, Australia, but we service customers world-wide.
  • Are your products organic?
    Yes! Each of our consumable products are certified organic and will also state so in the description.
  • Are your products 100% pure?
    Yes! We only source 100% pure ingredients and this will be stated in the product description. We believe in quality and no added nasties.
  • What is the shelf-life of the superfoods products?
    A shelf-life will be stated on the product packaging, but it is essentially two years from the time of packaging.
  • How do you recommend storing the products?
    The consumable products come in a zip lock bag that is suitable for the product life. They should be stored in a cool dry place (like the pantry) and if taken out of the packaging, ensure they are in an airtight container free of moisture.
  • What products do you stock?
    Currently Fruitful Superfoods stock the following consumeable products: - Blue Spirulina Powder - Butterfly Pea Powder - Pink Dragon Fruit Powder - Matcha Green Tea Powder We also stock a rechargeable portable blender that makes juices on-the-go. This is available in two colours pink (peach) and navy blue. We are looking at adding more new products shortly.
  • What size packaging is available?
    We have the following sizes for each product: - 70g - 150g - 250g - 500g - available for retailers
  • How do you use the superfoods products?
    The powders can be added to your cooking, smoothies, porridge, baking - almost anything you can thing of. Their bright appearance makes for wonderful natural colouring and their nutrients packs your cooking full of goodness.
  • Where can I find ideas for recipes?
    You can check out our blog for recipes and also our social media pages for inspiration daily.
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