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Super Shop LIVE Online

We are super excited to announce the first of our products are live to purchase online at the Fruitful Superfoods Shop.

Available Now

Rechargeable Portable Blender is available in two colour (peachy pink and navy blue). This is great for fruit smoothies, nutrition shakes and veggie juices.  Rechargeable with a USB, so you can charge in your car or at your desk.

These retail for $74.95 and shipping is free Australia-wide. 

Plus we have the gorgeous rose gold mini leaf teaspoons which come as a set of four. These are great for adding your superfoods or eating a dessert.

Coming Soon

You can also explore a number of the new products coming soon. The superfood powders and the environmentally-friendly drinking straws are not far away!

Get ready to super-charge your day!

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