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The last will ever need

Disposable straws are a thing of the past thanks to these eco-friendly, reusable straws from fruitful superfoods.

No more plastic straws which are bad for the environment and paper straws which go soggy before you finish your drink. These stainless steel straws are built to last long after your drink has finished.

The set of three straws includes a straight, bent and extra wide smoothie straw, plus a cleaning brush and linen pouch to keep them safe.

With the pouch you can BYO straw by popping it in your handbag so you don't have the guilt of using a plastic straw or the frustration of a soggy paper straw anymore.

Currently available in a vibrant electric blue colour.

"We researched lots of options for drinking straws and the most important elements were environmentally friendly, user-friendly and convenience. It's a bonus that they look good!" said Shelley Tilbrook, founder, Fruitful Superfoods.

"The pouch allows you to take it anywhere, the stainless steel material is made to last and the brush makes the cleaning easy, plus they are dishwasher safe."

Available now at Fruitful Superfoods for $9.50 with free shipping in Australia. Shop now

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